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Pamela Shares her Philosophy of the 13, 14, 15

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My understanding of this philosophy is based in the Trinity. The Trinity energy patterns are also the basis for the understanding of the center, left/right, front/back, chest, face, finger, toes relationship. On the Universal Source Level the flow patterns never deviate, balance and harmony are always maintained and the Trinity flows work in perfect harmony with each other. On the Individual Level, or All-Timed Combined Level, the Trinity Flows operate under the laws of physics and are altered by the affects of time and space in the procession from formless transitioning into form.

The Philosophy of the 13,14,15 exist at the unmanifested and manifested level, the Source Energy 6 th Depth and the All-Time Combined 6 th Depth. It is at the manifested, or physiological level of the Lumbar Circle understanding where the Philosophy of the 13, 14, 15 is most useful to the practitioner but I believe that it also explains how the transition happens at many levels, spiraling in and out, coming together to explain the interconnected energies of form, forming and formless. Mary and I would have in depth discussions concerning this theory when I was learning how to apply the understanding of the Lumbar Circle as a tool in determining treatment. It was during my tutorials with her that the seeds for this understanding were planted and I found when I
applied it to my treatments it was so beneficial that I wanted to share it with others. I hope I can spread a little more light on my understanding by further explanation because I found it to be very helpful in my practice.

The reason I call it the “Philosophy” of the 13,14,15 is to remind me how interconnected and consequential our life choices are at the very CORE of our being. The human experience can be divided into a combination of mental, emotional, digestive, and reproductive behaviors, or actions that inevitably make up the tapestry of our time on this plane. How we manage these behaviors will determine how well we function in accordance with the Universal, or Trinity, Energy and how connected we feel with it. Jin Shin Jyutsu is the gift we have been given to help us clean up energy imbalances we have brought into existence by our thoughts.

The Philosophy of the 13, 14, 15, which I continue to refer to as I explain the energy flows, is a way of explaining this interaction and interdependency, a humble attempt to simplify, and at the same time acknowledge how complex, one decision, one action, that we may take will have consequences throughout our entire body.

The 13 area is a band that encircles the chest/back area at the #13. The numbers associated with the #13 are 3, 9, 10, 19, 22 and 26. Emotions and mental conditions are generally associated with the number 13 and an energy imbalance that is created by mental/emotional issues will show in the chest area where, if it is not corrected, can cause labels to appear. Keeping this area free of obstructions will help the 14 area deal with addiction issues that, I personally feel, is a result of a person’s struggle to be right with the Universal Source Energy.

The 14 area is a band that encircles the abdominal/back area at the #14. The numbers associated with the #14 are 9, 19 and 23. The number 14 is generally associated with an individual’s ego, or the lifestyle choices, which are a result of an individual’s need to express the sense of self, or ego. Assimilation and dissimulation are the functions of the 14 area and therefore most issues associated with digestion originate when the horizontal band that is located around the waistline is obstructed. Maintaining a proper diet and exercise program are the best supportive lifestyle choices to assist the Universal Source Energy to flow freely through this area. All addictive behavior will be greatly lessened by granting more attention to these decisions and the 15 area will be supported so it can properly function.

The 15 area is a band that encircles the hip/back area at the #15. The numbers associated with the #15 are 2, 9, 23 and 25. Human reproduction is generally associated with the energy of the 15’s as well as physical strength. The more mindful we are about the well-being of the 13’s and 14’s, the mental /emotional and lifestyle choices we make, the more we will support, or influence the proper functioning of the 15’s, therefore the ability to reproduce. If you can imagine that we are Spirit experimenting with what it is to be a human being in a physical body on this planet and because we are Spirit, we will always want to stay connected to, or be in harmony with the Source Energy even though our choices sometimes seem to be in direct conflict with this.

Very few individuals come to JSJ with the ability to accurately listen to pulses. It is an acquired skill. Some gifted students and/or practitioners who have devoted themselves to be a clear channel can, by listening to an individual’s pulses, sense where the energy is not in balance and make a decision to apply certain flows based on their personal experiences and/or understanding of JSJ. For the majority of us who are just beginning to become aware of how important it is to develop a clear channel in order to accurately listen to pulses, you can enhance your treatments by applying your observations of the client’s condition using as I did, the understanding of the Philosophy of the 13, 14, 15 until you feel you are able to accurately listen to pulses. (I use both pulses reading and my observation senses to determine what is going on with a client.) Identify the core disharmony or label, listen for the attitude, memorize and know the flows and how they are connected to one another, trust your intuition or truth, utilize the Lumbar Circle, and leave the rest to your Higher Power. JSJ is mostly experiential, so the more you can work with the flows on yourself, the better you will become at identifying a level of energy need and then you can apply it through your choice of treatment on others.

It is important to learn the protocols for treating others so you can avoid overtaxing a fatigued body. Use common sense, keep yourself as a clear channel for the energy by addressing your own issues daily, and listen to the pulses and the person for indicators as to the proper direction for treatment. I hope you can find benefit in applying this understanding.

Blessing, Pamela M. Smith

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  • jerome on

    Pamela"s erudite explanations continue to illumine my understanding (if one can call it that) of Jin Shin Jyutsu. This article has layers of wisdom worth reading and allowing it seep into consciousness. I am deeply appreciative of this shared document!

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